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Friends of Madagascar Mission (FOMM) is pleased to have you view our website. We are a new kind of mission organization. FOMM is “On the Frontlines of Mission.” As you view these pages you will learn about our work. If you have any questions or concerns please call or email us and we will reply promptly.


 “Planting Seeds of Faith” by Providing Water

In the arid southwest of Madagascar adequate and clean water is a major humanitarian need.  FOMM has been working for six years to create resources to help grow food with a drip irrigation program and now we are initiating a bold new project to drill wells where it used to be nearly impossible. Water is the source of life, growth, health, and community resilience. We aim to dig 300 wells in southwestern Madagascar, a region that is in the fifth year of a severe drought. Major rivers having dried up--a humanitarian crisis that is coming to village after village when clean drinking water is not provided. FOMM has conducted research in the field over the past 12 months and deployed a professional hydrological investigative team to the region to prioritize areas for the location of wells with assistance provided by the local communities as to location of wells. FOMM also has local partners with advanced exploratory technology and drilling rigs. We have a plan and are taking steps with people on the ground to identify specific villages, to locate the best spots to drill, and as funds are made available, to drill.

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