Friends of Madagascar Mission (FOMM) supports Pastor Theo and his wife Vaoly to attend seminary.  They have recently written and asked if we could help support their seminary's library.  A list of books is posted below.

 If retiring pastors are thinning their library and have any of these books, or if a congregation or individual would like to contribute books; please contact us at 1-847-445-8177 or email us at:   We may also receive cash gifts which we would send to Madagascar for them to purchase the books there.

Thanks for any help in providing these book resources.

New Testament:

1.How to read the New Testament.
    An Introduction to linguistic and Historical-Critical Methodology
    (Wilhelm Egger).

2.An Introduction to New Testament and Context Method the Ministry
   (David A. de Silva).

3.The Nature of Biblical Criticism.
    (Steven L. and Mac Kenjis Stefen).

4.Dictionary of Jesus and the Gospel.


1.Greek New Testament
  (Nestle Aland)

2.A Primer of Biblical Greek
   (N. Clayton Croy, William B. Eerdmans)

Old Testament:

1.The Text of the Old testament
    (Ernst Wurthwein)

2.Le Texte de l’Ancien Testament
    (Edmond Jacob)

3.Méthode Historique Critique

Hebrew :

1.Hébrew Bible

2.Lire l’hébreu Biblique
   Deuxième Edition Revue et Augmentée
   (Isabelle Lieutaud)

Pratical Theology:

1.Spiritual Leadership
   Chicago : Moody Press.

University Method :
1.L’art de la Thèse.
    Comment préparer et rédiger un mémoire de master, une thèse de doctorat ou tout autres.
    (Michel Beaud).

2.A Manuel for Writers of term Papers, theses and Disertations
    (Turabian Kate L.)

3.How to read a book.
   The art of Getting a Liberal Education.
   (Adlr Mortimer J.).

4.How to study History
   (Lanor Norman F. and Richard I. Schneider)

5.The Modern Researcher
   (Barzun Jacques and Henry F. Graff)

Church History:

1.The Study of Liturgy
    (Jones Ch. And al.)

Theology Systematic:

1.On being at theologian of the Cross

2.Luther’s Theology of Cross
   (Von Loewrick)

3.God and Human Suffering
   (J.D. Hall)

4.Five smooth Stones: The Pastor’s work of NAY Saying.
    (Eugene Peterson)

5.Transforming Mission

6.God’s Chosen Peoples

7.No Other Gospel