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2016 Annual Report for Friends Of Madagascar Mission
Normally the Friends of Madagascar Mission 2016 Annual Report would be mailed to all donors and those who requested a report by early March. This year we have several problems that have slowed down receiving of reports from Madagascar. First, the Transcontinental Fiber Optic Cable that carries most of Madagascar's communications was damaged off shore in the Gulf of Mozambique. Secondly, the rains have at times "knocked out" the ability for sending emails; and lastly, one of the persons responsible for overseeing two of our programs has been very ill and unable to send the reports. We pray for her health as we patiently await receiving the reports. As soon as they arrive we will work overtime to finish the report and have it mailed out.
The report will be posted on our website and anyone requesting a report will be sent one, once they are available. Send email request. 

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