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932017 Annual Report AvailableFOMM General Ministry2018-02-22
92Drip Irrigation UpdateFOMM Madagascar News2018-02-14
912018 Board of Directors MeetingFOMM General Ministry2018-01-31
902017 Year End UpdateDavid LersethGeneral Ministry2018-01-31
89Report of visiting to Nagnasoa and Ampitroara Madagascar News2017-11-29
88Fatal plague outbreak in Madagascar: Pneumonic plague has health officials scramblingFOMM Madagascar News2017-10-11
87Bubonic Plague OutbreakDavid LersethMadagascar News2017-09-26
86AmbatomangaFOMM Bible Schools and Evangelists2017-09-06
85Evangelists ProgramFOMM Bible Schools and Evangelists2017-08-31
84Madagascar Pentecost EventFOMM Madagascar News2017-05-19
832016 Annual Report for Friends Of Madagascar MissionFOMM General Ministry2017-04-26
82Moderately Strong EarthquakeFOMM Madagascar News2017-03-28
802016 Annual Report for Friends Of Madagascar MissionFOMM General Ministry2017-03-13
81End of Fiscal 2016 Extra Giving ReportFOMM General Ministry2017-03-13
772016 Year End Financial ReportFOMM General Ministry2017-01-31
76Board of Directors Approve New, Revised Mission ProgramFOMM General Ministry2017-01-31
78Friends of Madagascar Mission Elects Board MembersFOMM General Ministry2017-01-31
79Friends of Madagascar Mission (FOMM) WebsiteFOMM General Ministry2017-01-31