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Report of visiting to Nagnasoa and Ampitroara 
In this report we want to describe our visit to the villages of Nagnasoa and Ampitroara. Our visit occurred this past summer. We went in these two villages to do an evangelistic program and also, to Baptize those who were willing to break with their old traditions and boldly commit themselves in following Jesus alone. The visitors are Pastor Manoela, the president of synod, Pastor Tolotra, one of the teachers in Biblical school in Mananovy, a friend and myself. This program initiated by the request of Evangelists BRUNO August and JOURMANA Mananjary.
At 8 a.m., the four of us left Betroka and went to the west. After traveling for one hour on our motor bicycles, we came to the Villages of Nagnasoa where our evangelist BRUNO August has been working for many years. Sixty people were waited for us. We entered into a house to have a worship service. I led the worship service. Blessed be the LORD who is still at work in bringing people to faith in Jesus Christ. Eleven people accepted to be baptized that day (5 kids and 6 adults) at Nagnasoa.  
Tha afternoon, we continued our visit to Ampitroara, a place where Venjy BRUNO August and JOURMANA Mananjary were visiting. That evening, we showed the "Jesus Film" in the Bara language. We counted a crowd of 200 or more people watching the Life of Jesus. Many of them saw for the first time what it meant for Jesus to be crucified for our sins. The people were in awe as they saw the  cruelty and violence to Jesus as he was crucified. We pray that the Holy Spirit continues to teach them about Jesus and they remain believers.
We spend the night in the village and on Thursday morning, we had a worship service under the trees. Many people were ready to follow the Lord Jesus as 58 people were baptized (44 children and 14 adults), 5 confirmation, 4 for absolution, and 4 transfered from the Catholic Church to the Lutheran Church. Many of them were converted by the preaching and the teaching of the both evangelists. The president of synod and I praised the Lord  that 71 people received Christ into their lives that day.

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