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The Friends of Madagascar Annual Report for 2017 is now available for viewing on our website.  This report reviews the activities of 2017 and the proposed budget for 2018.  Go to the ABOUT US drop box on the top of the page and click on "Annual and Audit Reports" to review the report. More
For the past several years Friends of Madagascar has been planning for beginning a Drip Irrigation Program in south west Madagascar in the regions of Ejeda and Manasoa.  In 2017 a task force began work on finalizing this dream into reality.  FOMM has hired a Madagascar company by the name of Patrakala to implement the program.  The project proposal for this program may be located under the "Drip Irrigation Program" ... More
The Friends of Madagascar Board of Directors met on January 15, 2018 to review the work of FOMM in 2017 and establish a projected budget for 2018.  The goal of the new budget is to be realistic about what we may raise in 2018.  If we receive more funds than expected we also have a "Extra Budget for 2018" receipts over and above the budget. In early February, the Friends of Madagascar Mission web site will be reviewed and the new ... More
As 2017 came to a close, Friends of Madagascar Mission was able to send the full budgeted amount of funds to each of FOMM's mission projects.  This included the 1) Prison Ministry, 2) the Ejeda Hospital Nutrition Program, 3) the 42 evangelist in three synods, and 4) the 3 Bible Schools.  Two other projects have funds available for funding at the appropriate time of need.  They are: 1) The Tandroy Bible and Hymnal printing and ... More
In this report we want to describe our visit to the villages of Nagnasoa and Ampitroara. Our visit occurred this past summer. We went in these two villages to do an evangelistic program and also, to Baptize those who were willing to break with their old traditions and boldly commit themselves in following Jesus alone. The visitors are Pastor Manoela, the president of synod, Pastor Tolotra, one of the teachers in Biblical school in Mananovy, a ... More
Officials are struggling to contain a widespread and deadly outbreak of the plague that’s been wreaking havoc in Madagascar since late August.  At least 45 deaths have been attributed to the outbreak, with more than 385 confirmed cases reported in 27 out of the country’s 114 districts.The outbreak is worrisome because a majority of the confirmed illnesses include cases of the pneumonic plague, which can be transmitted through ... More
Even for Madagascar, this is no ordinary bubonic plague outbreak.Madagascar has the world’s highest incidence of the bacterial infection that earned the grim name “the Black Death” after it killed an estimated 50 million people in the 14th century. The rat- and flea-borne illness hits the island nation every year from about December to April.But this year is different, says the World Health Organization’s Dr. Eric ... More
God is still at work! The setting for this story is among the Bara People. The work among them is very difficult. They are not only cattle thieves, but they are deeply involved with witchcraft and demon possession. This makes it harder to reach them with the Gospel. However, as Paul wrote, “…and because I preach this Good News, I am suffering and have been chained like a criminal. But the Word of God cannot be ... More
Six years ago we began this program with supporting 3 evangelists in one Synod of the Malagasy Lutheran Church.  As of August 2017 we have expanded this program to 3 Synods (Betioky, Betroka and Ambovembe Andry Synods) with 44 evangelists.  The evangelists are supported by annual gifts of $600.00 for the evangelist's salary (which is twice the average salary in Madagascar) and an additional $100 for continuing education ... More
The 2016 Friends of Madagascar Mission (FOMM) Annual Report is now available on our web site.  Click on the "About US" button at the top of the web page and then on Annual Reports to read the report.  Please read about all of the amazing programs and projects that FOMM has been able to fund in 2016 because of our amazing donors.  The annual report also lists the program and project funding proposed for 2017.  In addition ... More
The people of Madagascar were shaken by a rare moderately-strong M5.5 earthquake on January12, 2017 in the morning. Earthquakes are rare but not uncommon in Madagascar. This is the 8thlargest quake in Madagascar’s history, the strongest having struck more than 67 years ago. Witnesses described fairly strong shaking during 15 to 20 seconds. There were no immediatereports of injuries or significant damage. The United States ... More
At the end of Fiscal Year 2016 the Board of Directors we pleased to give the evangelists a salary increase.  We received the following thank you:  "I greet all of you at FOMM in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. The evangelists are so pleased to have received a salary increase beginning the first of February."  The Betroka and the Beitoky Synod also sent thanks for the two lap top computers and printers that wee ... More
Normally the Friends of Madagascar Mission 2016 Annual Report would be mailed to all donors and those who requested a report by early March. This year we have several problems that have slowed down receiving of reports from Madagascar. First, the Transcontinental Fiber Optic Cable that carries most of Madagascar's communications was damaged off shore in the Gulf of Mozambique. Secondly, the rains have at times "knocked out" the ability for ... More
Friends of Madagascar Mission (FOMM) ended the 2016 fiscal year on a very positive note! All programs supported by the 2016 FOMM budget were fully funded. In addition several proposal projects were also funded with year end balances. It is FOMM's goal to send the gifts for mission as quickly as possible. Therefore the following projects, in addition to the budgeted items were funded:(1) Prison Ministry Program at Ihosy was funded. This is the ... More
A Reuters news headline on Thursday, October 20th, 2016 states: "Madagascar drought catastrophe looms as 850,000 go hungry, says UN".As a small non profit organization, FOMM realizes that we cannot solve a huge, national disaster. This tragedy needs the work of large NGO's and countries to provide a solution. But FOMM believes that in and through the people we serve and work with, we can affect their lives and the lives of their neighbors ... More
At Friends of Madagascar Mission's Annual Board meeting, three persons were elected for another term of three years: The Rev. Paul Knudson from Hutchinson, Minnesota; Loren Morschen from Cologne, Minnesota; and Craig Norenberg from Brooklyn Center, Minnesota. Each of them brings unique gifts and talents to the FOMM Board of Director. Go to the Board of Directors tab to read their biographical information.
We apologize for the lapse our web site. We are a totally volunteer organization and so when our web master was no longer able to update our web site, it took some time to find another person to be willing to volunteer for this job. We are pleased that Robert Jemc has accepted the responsibility to serve in that capacity. Robert has made two mission trips to Madagascar and has worked to provide financial support for the Prison Ministry ... More

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