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The people of Madagascar were shaken by a rare moderately-strong M5.5 earthquake on January12, 2017 in the morning. Earthquakes are rare but not uncommon in Madagascar. This is the 8thlargest quake in Madagascar’s history, the strongest having struck more than 67 years ago. Witnesses described fairly strong shaking during 15 to 20 seconds. There were no immediatereports of injuries or significant damage. The United States ... More
At the end of Fiscal Year 2016 the Board of Directors we pleased to give the evangelists a salary increase.  We received the following thank you:  "I greet all of you at FOMM in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. The evangelists are so pleased to have received a salary increase beginning the first of February."  The Betroka and the Beitoky Synod also sent thanks for the two lap top computers and printers that wee ... More
Normally the Friends of Madagascar Mission 2016 Annual Report would be mailed to all donors and those who requested a report by early March. This year we have several problems that have slowed down receiving of reports from Madagascar. First, the Transcontinental Fiber Optic Cable that carries most of Madagascar's communications was damaged off shore in the Gulf of Mozambique. Secondly, the rains have at times "knocked out" the ability for ... More

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