“And how are they to hear without someone to proclaim him? And how are they to proclaim him unless they are sent?"  (Romans 10:14b-15a)

 Description of this Project:

The evangelists are eager to begin their ministry in the small villages after completing their two years of study at a Bible School. They visit many villages in the surrounding area where they live.  They teach, preach and even teach the villagers in many cases how to read.  Financial support is needed for the support of the evangelists and their families because of the poverty of the region.  In addition the evangelists are working in villages that have no believing community and so there are no Christians to provide their financial support.  

Activities reports:

Currently, Friends of Madagascar Mission is providing support for 35 evangelists:  16 evangelists in the Betioky Synod and 19 evangelists in the Betroka Synod.  Each year the evangelists baptize many persons and build a Christian community in the villages.

We have been challenged to begin providing support for an additional 15 evangelists in a different area, the Ambovombe - Androy Regional Synod in southern Madagascar.

Amount of request:

Annual support for an evangelist salary:  $600.00 per year, and an additional $100.00 
for the evangelists and spouse to attend an annual Evangelist Training Event. The evangelists live in isolated communities and it is so important to bring them together to be strengthened and encouraged by being together.