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Friends of Madagascar Mission (FOMM) is a Christian based faith organization that provides support for both evangelism and humanitarian work.

Why Madagascar?

  1. Madagascar is always one of the top 5 poorest nations in the world. The area where FOMM works, mainly in SW Madagascar, is also one of the top 5 regions where famine is most likely to occur.
  2. The average income in Madagascar is $300.00 a year. Famine is frequent, attacking children the most and causing permanent damage to their development. The worst famine in four decades is happening now in southwest Madagascar, affecting more than a million people.
  3. FOMM provides support for the proclamation of the Gospel through supporting 54 evangelists, three Bible Schools and, printing a translation of the Bible into traditional language.
  4. FOMM supports important humanitarian projects: the Nutrition Program at Ejeda Hospital; a Prison Ministry project at over 25 prisons; food, clothing, medication and hygiene supplies; and two Drip Irrigation Projects that teach this method of raising food even during periods of drought.
  5. All programs are operated and managed by the Malagasy people. FOMM provides the financial resources.
  6. FOMM guarantees that 100% of any designated gift is given to the project and nothing is taken out of the gift for administrative expenses!


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