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Friends of Madagascar Mission (FOMM) WebsiteFOMM 2017-01-31
Friends of Madagascar Mission Elects Board MembersFOMM 2017-01-31
Board of Directors Approve New, Revised Mission ProgramFOMM 2017-01-31
2016 Year End Financial ReportFOMM 2017-01-31
2016 Annual Report for Friends Of Madagascar MissionFOMM 2017-03-13
End of Fiscal 2016 Extra Giving ReportFOMM 2017-03-13
Moderately Strong EarthquakeFOMM 2017-03-28
2016 Annual Report for Friends Of Madagascar MissionFOMM 2017-04-26
Madagascar Pentecost EventFOMM 2017-05-19
Evangelists ProgramFOMM 2017-08-31
AmbatomangaFOMM 2017-09-06
Bubonic Plague OutbreakDavid Lerseth2017-09-26
Fatal plague outbreak in Madagascar: Pneumonic plague has health officials scramblingFOMM 2017-10-11
Report of visiting to Nagnasoa and Ampitroara 2017-11-29
2017 Year End UpdateDavid Lerseth2018-01-31
2018 Board of Directors MeetingFOMM 2018-01-31
Drip Irrigation UpdateFOMM 2018-02-14
2017 Annual Report AvailableFOMM 2018-02-22
Madagascar Education Mission TripDavid Lerseth2018-03-05
Ambassadors for FOMMDavid Lerseth2018-03-06
Drip Irrigation ProjectDavid Lerseth2018-04-20
Tandroy Bible and Hymnal Printing:David Lerseth2018-04-20
Use Amazon Smile to Donate to FOMMFOMM 2018-05-11
Steve Lellelid - Celebration of Tandroy BibleFOMM 2018-11-15
Freedom SingersFOMM 2018-11-15
Your Gift Helps FOMM Reach Their Financial Goals Each Year!FOMM 2018-11-16
Need For Funding For Additional EvangelistsFOMM 2018-11-16
The Requests For More Funding To Grow The Mission And MinistryDavid Lerseth2018-11-17
Vocational Training Program In The Prison MinistryDavid Lerseth2018-11-19
Measles OutbreakFOMM 2019-04-07
David Lerseth2019-11-19
Successful 2019 Mission Education TripDavid Lerseth2019-11-19
FOMM ENDS YEAR ON A HIGH NOTE!David Lerseth2020-02-04
Children of MadagascarFOMM 2020-04-09
10 Anniversary of FOMMDavid Lerseth2020-04-17
Manasoa Bible SchoolFOMM 2020-04-18
Madagascar and the Corona VirusFOMM 2020-04-19
Madagascar and Wuhan VirusFOMM 2020-04-20
Malaria at Ejeda HospitalFOMM 2020-05-12
Winter/Christmas NewsletterFOMM 2020-12-06
FOMM Keeps It's PromiseFOMM 2020-12-07
Christmas Gifting IdeasFOMM 2020-12-08
FOMM's Annual Meeting will be held on Thursday, January 21stDavid Lerseth2021-01-15
FOMM Reports Best Year on RecordDavid Lerseth2021-01-16
Fundraising Appeal: Seed BankDavid Lerseth2021-01-21
Evangelist Health Care PlanDavid Lerseth2021-02-03
Rebuilding of Mansoa SchoolDavid Lerseth2021-02-04
Mansoa Bible School RebuildingDavid Lerseth2021-02-04
New School ProgramFOMM 2021-02-05
Blind School in AntsirabeDavid Lerseth2021-02-06
Seed Bank Fund RaisingFOMM 2021-02-07