Board of Directors Approve New, Revised Mission Program

A Reuters news headline on Thursday, October 20th, 2016 states: "Madagascar drought catastrophe looms as 850,000 go hungry, says UN".

As a small non profit organization, FOMM realizes that we cannot solve a huge, national disaster. This tragedy needs the work of large NGO's and countries to provide a solution. But FOMM believes that in and through the people we serve and work with, we can affect their lives and the lives of their neighbors and friends. Also, as patients come to Ejeda Hospital and also through those training to be evangelists at our Bible Schools we can work to teach them a new way to grow and provide food to survive drought times. This goal is significant and therefore we are working now to organize supervisors and workers to begin this program.
We will announce on this site when the program proposal is posted on FOMM's web site under "Get Involved - Drip Irrigation" 

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