Coordinator for Friends of Madagascar Mission in Madagascar

The Friends of Madagascar Mission (FOMM) has decided to have a Coordinator for Friends of Madagascar Mission in Madagascar.  We have selected a young man by the name of RABEZATO Lovamalala Narcisse.

In the interview process, when asked why he would want to work with FOMM, he replied with two reasons:  1)  to be able to help the people of Madagascar who have great needs, and 2)  To help them to know of Jesus' love!!"  He is in the process now of moving to Antananarivo and set up an office there.  He will help FOMM in communication, in visits to the programs for evaluation and help in the setting up of new or adjusting programs.  He will be working half time with FOMM and also be working to finish his law degree. 

Please pray for him as he begins this work with FOMM.

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