Drip Irrigation Project

After several years of planning and waiting, FOMM signed a contract with the Patrakala Company of Antananarivo, Madagascar to provide training and the drip irrigation equipment for the project. After a couple months of delay because of the cyclones which have flooded the land and washed out the roads, Patrakala is now ready to send the team to implement the project. There are two sites where the training with be implements: 1) Ejeda Hospital and
2) Mansoa Bible School. The plan is to give all who receive the training a drip irrigation kit. The kits should last for 4 years in the hot, blistering sun of the south west of Madagascar. The cost of a kit is $18.00 and so after being used for 4 years the cost is $4.50 per kit. This is a reasonable investment for the people of the south west who suffer from drought and a lack of quality food.
After several years of operating from these two church institutions, FOMM will evaluate the future expansion of the project to other areas of south west Madagascar. 
For more information on this project check under “Projects” on this website or contact FOMM by email or telephone. The information is included on the website as well.

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