FOMM Board Meeting

Important Decisions

The Friends of Madagascar Mission recently held their board meeting.  It was a very important meeting and some important decisions were approved. 

  1. The management organization was revised for both the USA and Madagascar.  As FOMM has grown and expanded its mission, there is a greater need to have people close to the programs and projects to help manage the mission.  So we have created a Madagascar Program Director, an Operation Manager, a Financial Manager and a Legal Manager.
  2. A 2024 budget was approved which is a 11% increase over the 2023 budget.  The increases in the budget are designated for increased to support for the evangelists, the Bible Schools and the Nofy i Androy Program (helping young girls remain in school) and opening a new Nofy program in a different region of Madagascar.
  3. Received a preliminary report on the Long Range Study for FOMM and the planning needed for the future.
  4. Elected two new board members.

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