FOMM staff in Madagascar

As executive director of Friends of Madagascar Mission (FOMM) I just returned, January 26th from a 10 day trip to Madagascar.  The purpose of the trip was to train the new selection of Malagasy persons to be responsible to manage the mission projects for  FOMM.  Why is this necessary? 

  1. They know their culture and language. 
  2. It is easier for them to contact persons in charge of the various programs to request information, answer questions for the programs and relay information from FOMM/USA to the programs. 

We are fortunate to have a great team of trusted Malagasy persons to fill the three positions: 

  • The Program Director is Lanto Rabenasolo who has 45 years of experience in working with program oversight and development.
  • The Financial Manager is Mme Lalao Rasoarizay Norohanta who has been an excellent financial auditor.
  • The Legal Director is Narcisse Rabezato Lovamalala currently studying law.

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