Blind School in Antsirabe

Antsirabe Madagascar

Blind School in Antsirabe Madagascar was begun in 1924.  Funding has been the main problem in recent years.  The government provides partial support for the school to teach students how to read braille, to become independent and pursue a career. The cost per student for a year is $586.00.


New School Program

Nofy I Androy

Added a new program to support, the Nofy i Androy (means the dream of the Androy girls)An educational program for girls to keep them in school.  The culture tradition is that girls become mothers at an age of 10-14 years old and stop all education.  The goal of theprogram is to keep them in school and hopefully to continue post high school education.The cost to support one girl for a year is $200.00. The sponsor will receive a photo, bio and two update letters a year on the student.


Rebuilding of Mansoa School

Rebuilding Of Mansoa School

A rebuilding of the Mansoa Bible School for a total cost of $75,000.00. A main school for the region to train evangelists and catechists.



God is still at work! The setting for this story is among the Bara People. The work among them is very difficult. They are not only cattle thieves, but they are deeply involved with witchcraft and demon possession. This makes it harder to reach them with the Gospel. However, as Paul wrote, “…and because I preach this Good News, I am suffering and have been chained like a criminal. But the Word of God cannot be chained. » (2 Timothy 2 :9) Two evangelists supported by Friends of Madagascar Mission: JOURMANA Mananjary and BRUNO Auguste first visited the Ambatomanga village together. Rema, a Bara man from ...


Evangelists Program

Six years ago we began this program with supporting 3 evangelists in one Synod of the Malagasy Lutheran Church.  As of August 2017 we have expanded this program to 3 Synods (Betioky, Betroka and Ambovembe Andry Synods) with 44 evangelists.  The evangelists are supported by annual gifts of $600.00 for the evangelist's salary (which is twice the average salary in Madagascar) and an additional $100 for continuing education opportunities for the evangelists.  What is the impact of the Evangelism Program?  The evangelists share God's Word and people come to know Jesus Christ and their Lord and Savior.  (See the May 19, ...


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