Seed Bank Fund Raising

Seed Bank and Rice Cleaning Machines

Fund Raising for Seed bank and Rice Cleaning Machines in the Betroka regionDrought is frequent in this part of Madagascar and the Betroka Synod asked FOMM if we could help provide funds to purchase seeds.  With several years of drought, a scarcity of food, the people eventually eat the seeds because they have no other food source.  We are working with a major project called "Village Redemption" and this project is one of seven parts to help a village become good at providing their needs.  The total budget for this part of the project is $6,000.00.  We are working to bring in other non profits ...


Winter/Christmas Newsletter

The Winter/Christmas Newsletter is being sent out to our mailing list via email or through the mail the week of December 6th.  If you wish to receive the four mailings per year to keep up with the news from Madagascar, please send us an email at:


Madagascar and the Corona Virus

We received word late last week that the first cases of the Corona Virus has reached Madagascar.The last flight coming from Europe included three women who tested positive for the virus and arequarantined, plus everyone who was on that plane. The Malagasy Lutheran Churches quickly closeddown all worship and meetings at the churches. Please remember to pray for them as we do for us.



FOMM finished 2019 on a high note of funds received to support our programs and projects.  For 10 years in row we have fully met our budget promise to each program and project.  We are told by our Malagasy friends that we are unlike any other organizations that provide or have provided support.  The different they say is that we deliver what we promise and they can depend upon FOMM.  Thus we thank our faithful and generous sponsors who provide the dollars to make this happen.  We have now begun our 2020 programs and pray that we will again be blessed by our donors, as we expect!  Thanks to all who have given ...


Drip Irrigation Project

After several years of planning and waiting, FOMM signed a contract with the Patrakala Company of Antananarivo, Madagascar to provide training and the drip irrigation equipment for the project. After a couple months of delay because of the cyclones which have flooded the land and washed out the roads, Patrakala is now ready to send the team to implement the project. There are two sites where the training with be implements: 1) Ejeda Hospital and 2) Mansoa Bible School. The plan is to give all who receive the training a drip irrigation kit. The kits should last for 4 years in the hot, blistering sun of the ...


Tandroy Bible and Hymnal Printing:

Steve Lellelid has been working translating the Bible for 16 years into the Tandroy dialect. This process has included creating a dictionary of words for the dialect and also teaching the people how to read. Steve’s wife Tafissoa manages the literacy training project. Through grants from Ireland, she employs 300 teachers and 25 supervisors. In the past several years she has been teaching 10,000 adults per year how to read and write. The only written material she has to use in teaching them to read is chapters of the Bible that Steve has translated and printed on their     office printer. For the past ...


Drip Irrigation Update

For the past several years Friends of Madagascar has been planning for beginning a Drip Irrigation Program in south west Madagascar in the regions of Ejeda and Manasoa.  In 2017 a task force began work on finalizing this dream into reality.  FOMM has hired a Madagascar company by the name of Patrakala to implement the program.  The project proposal for this program may be located under the "Drip Irrigation Program" description. Click on "Get Involved", then on "Projects" and then on  "Drip Irrigation Program".


Report of visiting to Nagnasoa and Ampitroara 

Evangelism in the Betroka Synod of the Malagasy Lutheran Church

In this report we want to describe our visit to the villages of Nagnasoa and Ampitroara. Our visit occurred this past summer. We went in these two villages to do an evangelistic program and also, to Baptize those who were willing to break with their old traditions and boldly commit themselves in following Jesus alone. The visitors are Pastor Manoela, the president of synod, Pastor Tolotra, one of the teachers in Biblical school in Mananovy, a friend and myself. This program initiated by the request of Evangelists BRUNO August and JOURMANA Mananjary.At 8 a.m., the four of us left Betroka and went to the west. After traveling for one hour ...


Fatal plague outbreak in Madagascar: Pneumonic plague has health officials scrambling

Officials are struggling to contain a widespread and deadly outbreak of the plague that’s been wreaking havoc in Madagascar since late August.  At least 45 deaths have been attributed to the outbreak, with more than 385 confirmed cases reported in 27 out of the country’s 114 districts.The outbreak is worrisome because a majority of the confirmed illnesses include cases of the pneumonic plague, which can be transmitted through the air when an infected person coughs, and is 100 percent fatal if left untreated.In response, the Malagasy Red Cross said it mobilized 700 volunteers to work on community education, tracing people ...


Bubonic Plague Outbreak

Even for Madagascar, this is no ordinary bubonic plague outbreak.Madagascar has the world’s highest incidence of the bacterial infection that earned the grim name “the Black Death” after it killed an estimated 50 million people in the 14th century. The rat- and flea-borne illness hits the island nation every year from about December to April.But this year is different, says the World Health Organization’s Dr. Eric Bertherat. This latest outbreak has popped up in a completely new area. The mountainous area of Befotaka in southeastern Madagascar has seen 68 cases — of which 27 have died — since the end of ...


Moderately Strong Earthquake

8TH Largest Quake Ever

The people of Madagascar were shaken by a rare moderately-strong M5.5 earthquake on January12, 2017 in the morning. Earthquakes are rare but not uncommon in Madagascar. This is the 8thlargest quake in Madagascar’s history, the strongest having struck more than 67 years ago. Witnesses described fairly strong shaking during 15 to 20 seconds. There were no immediatereports of injuries or significant damage. The United States Geological Service measured thequake at a magnitude 5.5 on the Richter scale. The quake was centered south of the lakesidetown of Betafo, in central Madagascar. The quake occurred just after 1 a.m. local ...


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