Ambassadors for FOMM

The Friends of Madagascar Mission (FOMM) at its January Annual Meeting approved the creation of a group of volunteer representatives who would represent FOMM in telling the story, encouraging support, helping to maintain a relationship with FOMM, encouraging people to visit Madagascar, etc.  These representatives will be called AMBASSADORS.  The goal is to have 12 Ambassadors by the end of 2018.  To date we have 8 who have agreed to serve and in addition all FOMM Board members serve as Ambassadors as well. If anyone would like to become an Ambassador for FOMM please contact us by phone or email:  847-445-8177 ...


Madagascar Education Mission Trip

Friends of Madagascar will be providing an opportunity for interested persons to join us in a MISSION EDUCATIONAL TRIP to Madagascar in early July 2018.  The exact dates have not yet been determined but it will be a 15 day trip.  If you are interested please contact FOMM at 847-445-8177 or Contacting us does not mean you are obligated to go on this Mission Educational Trip, but will provide you with details of the trip and cost estimates.


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