Tandroy Bible and Hymnal Printing:

Steve Lellelid has been working translating the Bible for 16 years into the Tandroy dialect. This process has included creating a dictionary of words for the dialect and also teaching the people how to read. Steve’s wife Tafissoa manages the literacy training project. Through grants from Ireland, she employs 300 teachers and 25 supervisors. In the past several years she has been teaching 10,000 adults per year how to read and write. The only written material she has to use in teaching them to read is chapters of the Bible that Steve has translated and printed on their     office printer. For the past ...


Drip Irrigation Project

After several years of planning and waiting, FOMM signed a contract with the Patrakala Company of Antananarivo, Madagascar to provide training and the drip irrigation equipment for the project. After a couple months of delay because of the cyclones which have flooded the land and washed out the roads, Patrakala is now ready to send the team to implement the project. There are two sites where the training with be implements: 1) Ejeda Hospital and 2) Mansoa Bible School. The plan is to give all who receive the training a drip irrigation kit. The kits should last for 4 years in the hot, blistering sun of the ...


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