Vocational Training Program In The Prison Ministry

Two years ago we suggested to the Prison Ministry Bureau that manages this program in Madagascar that they ask the Malagasy Department of Justice if the Prison Ministry Program could have space within the 12 prisons of this program to begin a vocational program.  Friends of Madagascar Mission promised to provide the funds to start and run this program and they would reimburse us for one half of the funds after they began to make and sell products.  The government agreed and we visited several of these programs this past summer.  The prisoners are making wonderful items:  leather purses and key chains, jewelry for women ...


The Requests For More Funding To Grow The Mission And Ministry

Every year the programs supported by Friends of Madagascar Mission request additional funds for the next budgeted year.  We appreciate their desire to grow the programs.  The Board of Directors of Friends of Madagascar Mission are cautious to not over promise a new budget.  That is important, but it is also important to grow in providing support.  For example, the Prison Ministry Program has already informed us that they would like to begin 3 new Prison Ministry Programs around the country of Madagascar.  Beginning a Prison Ministry Program costs approximately $3,000.00.  This would be a total of $9,000.00 ...


Your Gift Helps FOMM Reach Their Financial Goals Each Year!


Every gift given to Friends of Madagascar Mission is important and helps us to reach our goal for 2018.  Do you know that since Friends of Madagascar Mission began in 2010 we have met our financial commitment promised through our budget to each program that we support!  We are proud of that achievement. This summer when visiting the programs in Madagascar we were reminded by the Malagasy program leaders that we were a very dependable organization.  When we asked what that meant they told us that we have always given what we promised each year to the programs.  That confidence in us is important because it builds ...


Need For Funding For Additional Evangelists

Currently (as of November 2018) we support 43 evangelists in 3 synods of the Malagasy Lutheran Church.  These synods have written to us requesting approximately 50 additional evangelists.  Why so many?  Because the people respond when the evangelists go into the villages and speak the Word of God.  As we read in Matthew 9:37-38,  38 Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.”  So they ask for more evangelists to go and speak the Word of God.  We have stories of whole villages coming to Christ.  There are baptisms of 43, 123 and 151 most ...


Steve Lellelid - Celebration of Tandroy Bible

A wonderful global mission event was held on Saturday, October 6th sponsored by Friends of Madagascar Mission. The evening included eating a wonderful Madagascar meal, reviewing the history of Christian mission in Madagascar, the life of the Malagasy Lutheran Church and the role that Friends of Madagascar Mission is fulfilling in the current time, since the ELCA has cut most of its funding of mission there. We concluded the evening by celebrating the work that Steve Lellelid has done over the past 18 years, translating the Bible into the Tandroy dialect. 


Freedom Singers

Also, two years ago, we encouraged the Prison Ministry Bureau to began a music program in each prison.  The Malagasy people love to sing and what better way to share the Gospel than through singing groups in the prisons.  The past summer as we visited the prisons we witnessed the joy of these groups singing.  They had made garments to wear that are in the Malagasy tradition, colorful and beautiful!  We have made a recording of these groups and created a DVD of their music and dancing.  For any gift to the Prison Ministry of $50 or more we will send a copy of the "Freedom Singers" to the donor.


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