Seed Bank Fund Raising

Seed Bank and Rice Cleaning Machines

Fund Raising for Seed bank and Rice Cleaning Machines in the Betroka regionDrought is frequent in this part of Madagascar and the Betroka Synod asked FOMM if we could help provide funds to purchase seeds.  With several years of drought, a scarcity of food, the people eventually eat the seeds because they have no other food source.  We are working with a major project called "Village Redemption" and this project is one of seven parts to help a village become good at providing their needs.  The total budget for this part of the project is $6,000.00.  We are working to bring in other non profits ...


Blind School in Antsirabe

Antsirabe Madagascar

Blind School in Antsirabe Madagascar was begun in 1924.  Funding has been the main problem in recent years.  The government provides partial support for the school to teach students how to read braille, to become independent and pursue a career. The cost per student for a year is $586.00.


New School Program

Nofy I Androy

Added a new program to support, the Nofy i Androy (means the dream of the Androy girls)An educational program for girls to keep them in school.  The culture tradition is that girls become mothers at an age of 10-14 years old and stop all education.  The goal of theprogram is to keep them in school and hopefully to continue post high school education.The cost to support one girl for a year is $200.00. The sponsor will receive a photo, bio and two update letters a year on the student.


Rebuilding of Mansoa School

Rebuilding Of Mansoa School

A rebuilding of the Mansoa Bible School for a total cost of $75,000.00. A main school for the region to train evangelists and catechists.


Evangelist Health Care Plan

Evangelists Health Care

Evangelist Health Care Plan is meant to provide some help with their medical needs.  We are providing  $100.00 for each evangelist in a year.  Every year we will fund the project.  This amount of money does not sound like much to us Americans, but for them it is a great help.


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