Cyclone Freddy

Malagasy families are bracing for the strongest tropical storm in a decade as Cyclone Freddy heads for the country's east coast, putting more than two million people at risk, including one million children, warns Save the Children. Cyclone Freddy is expected to make landfall on Tuesday (February 21) as a Category 5 cyclone, with wind gusts of up to 165 mph, and could affect up to two million people living in its path. It is the strongest storm to form anywhere on Earth in 2023 and one of only five Category 5 storms on record in February, which could bring torrential rains, widespread flash flooding, dangerous landslides and even ...


Antalaha Children's Prison Ministry Program

We have been busy establishing the Antalaha Children's Prison Ministry Program.  The goal is to have a team at the prison in early March to help the local evangelist leaders establish a 1) Work production program and 2) A literacy program to teach reading and writing.  Madagascar has a low literacy rate with students not receiving a quality education.  Without learning to read and write a children's future is not good. This program is being supported by gifts to FOMM's Prison Ministry Program/Antalaha Children's Program.  All gifts will help us establish and grow this program.  Some early goals ...


Coordinator for Friends of Madagascar Mission in Madagascar

The Friends of Madagascar Mission (FOMM) has decided to have a Coordinator for Friends of Madagascar Mission in Madagascar.  We have selected a young man by the name of RABEZATO Lovamalala Narcisse. In the interview process, when asked why he would want to work with FOMM, he replied with two reasons:  1)  to be able to help the people of Madagascar who have great needs, and 2)  To help them to know of Jesus' love!!"  He is in the process now of moving to Antananarivo and set up an office there.  He will help FOMM in communication, in visits to the programs for evaluation and help in the setting ...


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