FOMM Organization Structure

Updating to better serve

Friends of Madagascar Mission is in the process of updating our organizational structure to better serve our growing mission work in Madagascar.  We are a unique organization that guarantees that 100% of your gift goes to support the mission work in Madagascar.  Also, no staff person working for Friends of Madagascar Mission receives a salary or reimbursement for their travel expenses.  God has blessed us and our outreach and growth in funding has been great! We invite you to review our mission programs and contact us with any questions either by email or phone call.


Mission Education Trip Application

Available now!

Friends of Madagascar Mission posted on our web site an application form for participating in a "Madagascar Mission Education Trip".  This document describes what such a trip is about as well as a form to fill out and submit to Friends of Madagascar Mission.  Filling out the form does not obligate one to go on such a trip, but will keep you posted on the next planned trip. This form and application may be accessed on our web site at - Click on "Get Involved" - and then "Travel to Madagascar" and the form will be available.  Or, click here to go directly to the ...


Middle East Conflict

Please pray for those affected

Friends of Madagascar Mission encourages you to keep all the people in the Middle East conflict in your prayers.  We pray that God's power may bring to an end the suffering, killing and hatred that is destroying not only property but precious human lives.  Unfortunately, the issues that have exploded in this current situation have been a part of the region for generations.  Let us pray that the barriers that cause such hatred may be healed and people may live in peace.


FOMM Staff Person in Israel

Prayers for a safe trip!

One of Friends of Madagascar Mission's staff persons had been visiting in Israel when this war broke out.  He is safe and has fortunately been able to make arrangements to fly home on Thursday, October 12th.  He reported having to live in a bomb shelter, hearing rockets flying overhead, and hearing planes and sirens.  How fearful it must have been.  We pray for his safe arrival home.  Let us pray!


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