The Requests For More Funding To Grow The Mission And Ministry

Every year the programs supported by Friends of Madagascar Mission request additional funds for the next budgeted year.  We appreciate their desire to grow the programs.  The Board of Directors of Friends of Madagascar Mission are cautious to not over promise a new budget.  That is important, but it is also important to grow in providing support.  For example, the Prison Ministry Program has already informed us that they would like to begin 3 new Prison Ministry Programs around the country of Madagascar.  Beginning a Prison Ministry Program costs approximately $3,000.00.  This would be a total of $9,000.00 for 2019.  Our Board of Directors will struggle with this request and ask God to give us direction.  The Malagasy Department of Justice encourages these new Prison Ministry Programs because they see the affect this ministry has with the prisoners.  But they do not provide the funds, so we must make wise decisions that we are capable to fulfilling.  And this is not just for 2019, it must be an additional increase of $3,000 for the next years as well.  Will you pray for us to make the right decisions?  Will you pray that God will provide us with donors who see this ministry as a gift to the prisoners in Madagascar?  We will do as God leads us! 

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