Global Auction Fun/Fund Night


Raising funds for global mission is very important, but this involves more than "passing the offering plate".  It is important to help educate people about mission in Madagascar.  There are many ways this can be accomplished and there will be many creative ideas in your group that you will be able to develop into an action plan.  Below is one idea that may be helpful in getting your thinking and action started.


  1. Friends of Madagascar Mission is willing to assist you in planning an event for raising funds for global mission work in Madagascar. 
    The president of our organization is a professional auctioneer and is willing to assist you.
  2. Gather a group to discuss how you may raise funds for global mission in Madagascar, learn about mission there, and have a lot of fun and fellowship besides.
  3. Plan a "Global Auction Fun/Fund Night"    (Consider the starter plan below)
    • Begin with a meal, maybe serving some dishes from Madagascar. (check web sites, but be prepared for lots of rice!)
    • Charge an admission price for the meal.
    • Plan entertainment during the meal and throughout the evening.
    • Decorate the room, table, and whole atmosphere around the culture of Madagascar. (check web sites for ideas)
    • Plan an auction-entertainment program following the meal.
      • This may include a live auction. Check with your local auctioneers, they are most often pleased to donate their time and talent to "call" a charitable auction.
      • If you wish, you may also have a "silent auction" instead, or incorporate both the "silent" and "call" auction together.
      • Plan an auction program that sells items, announces the high bidder of the “silent auction” items, includes talent performances, tells about Madagascar, etc.
    • Develop a plan for collecting money at the auction. The auctioneer will have a wealth of advice for you on how to do this.