Ejeda Hospital Nutrition Program

“God has given each of you some special abilities, be sure to use them to help each other..." (I Peter 4:10a)


Ejeda is in the remote south west part of Madagascar.  It is a very poor region of the country for many reasons: 1)  a very arid region, 2) poor farming practices, 3) locust infestation, etc.  The mission of Ejeda Hospital is to provide in Christian love and compassion medical and nutrition care for the patients and the family members who come to the hospital.  

Activities reports:

In undeveloped African countries, a patient's family must provide and prepare the patient's food while in the hospital.  In this arid area, families often suffer from not having enough food.  How will a patient get well without adequate, nutritional food?  FOMM's Nutrition Program at Ejeda Hospital has a program to determine which patients qualify for the food.  The patients are provided with rice and a protein (normally meat, milk, etc.),  the main stays of their daily diet.  Of course, the hospital reaches out with the love of Jesus Christ by sharing food for their bodies as well as sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with all who come to the hospital.

Amount of request:

  1. Annual budget for the Ejeda Hospital Nutrition Project:  $10,800.00
  2. In addition, because of the frequent natural disasters that affect raising an adequate food supply for the residents of this area, Friends of Madagascar Mission normally has two emergency funds for which we are requesting support:
  • Food Emergency Fund:  When there is a natural disaster like there is now with no rains in four years, additional financial support is needed to provide extra food.
  • Medical Emergency Fund:  Also, families tend to not bring their family members to the hospital because they do not have adequate finances to pay for the medical bills.

For both of these emergency funds, we will make you aware of the need for this funding on the front page of our web site under:  "Updates and Prayer Items".  We also send out emergency requests for funds to those on our email list. 

Estimated Annual Budget for the Ejeda Hospital Emergency Food Project: $3,000.00

Ejeda Hospital Emergency Medical Project: $3,000.00