Develop a Mission Endowment Fund


Raising funds for global mission is very important, but this involves more than "passing the offering plate". If your congregation has a mission endowment program, that is a great way to designate funds for mission in Madagascar. Speak with members of the endowment fund and ask how one may seek designation of funds from the endowment fund, and also how you may work to increase the awareness of such a program in your congregation or organization.


  1. Friends of Madagascar Mission is able to assist your congregation or organization is raising the awareness of how they may give to your endowment fund. It is called, "The Charitable Giving Seminar".
  2. A representative from Friends of Madagascar Mission will be pleased to present the program for you.
  3. The program will:
    • Raise the awareness of how important it is for each person to have an estate plan. (60 to 70% do not have a will.)
    • Impress upon the participants the importance of having a will. If a person doesn’t have a will, the state does. (Now, who do you trust to plan your estate?)
    • Provide important planning tools for your records, speaking to an attorney, ideas for ways you may remember your favorite charity, etc.
    • Share some thoughts on a Christian preamble to your will.
  4. An idea for a "Mission Sunday" emphasis.