Our Guarantee

Evidence of being on the Frontlines of Mission

Friends of Madagascar Mission guarantees that 100% of a gift given to us will be spent on the mission project for which it is designated.  Nothing will be taken out of a gift to pay for our administration costs, but we invite donors to also give gifts to our Administrative Account.

We operate with a very low administrative cost.  We have no buildings, we do not ship items, and we do not have any paid staff.  All time and space is donated! Our administrative costs are for our web site, stationery-envelopes-postage, financial wire transfers to Madagascar, annual audits/reviews, etc.

We have an Administrative Fund to which donors may give a gift to help pay for these costs, but nothing is taken out of a benevolence gift for a mission project without the donor's permission!
We believe this is a unique gift to all donors to our organization as we seek to be “On the Frontlines of Mission”.

Management of Donor Information:
We will not give or sell any donor information to a third party. If a donor wishes their gift to be listed as anonymous, we will respect that request.