Travel to Learn About Mission in Madagascar


Many congregations are interested in Mission Trips for members of their congregation and normally they wish to do a work project. Friends Of Madagascar Mission takes a slightly different approach. First, we call them "Mission Education Trips". What does this mean? We travel to learn about the country, the people, the church and it's programs in Madagascar. The Malagasy Lutheran Church encourages us to come and learn about each other and about our call to mission and ministry. Our energy on a Mission Education Trip is to establish friendships and partnerships. We do bring gifts for the various ministries in consultation with Friends of Madagascar Mission leaders. This is a good way to learn about God’s global mission first hand. The difficult part is how do you begin, where do you go, and whom can you contact for assistance?


  1. Meet to discuss a mission trip.
  2. Set goals for the group:
    • Purpose of the trip, write it out!
    • A USA trip or international?
    • Length of the trip?
    • How much will the trip cost?
    • How will you work to enlist people for the trip?
    • Will you have fund raisers?
    • How much must each person raise? How much will the group raise?
    • How will each be accountable to the group prior to the trip, during the trip, and following the trip?
    • How frequently will you gather to pray and learn about the place of your travel.
  3. Pray for guidance as to how you may fulfill this dream.